Show your school spirit and match all your game day graphic tees and sweatshirts with these customizable lightweight earrings! Choose your team's colors and mix and match!


In the drop-down menus:

1. Choose your shape.

2. Choose silver or gold hoops.

3-5. Choose your leather colors for each layer.


Please send me an email at to request a color not listed in drop-down menu.


Leave a note at checkout if you would like to see a "proof" of your earrings before shipping.


***Original & Exclusive Design from Sarah Liz Designs***

Create your own unique look with 10 pairs of earrings all in one! The layers are interchangeable and easily slide on and off one side of the hoop (not over the ball - that will stretch the leather). Wear all 3 layers together, each separately, small or medium behind the cutout, small or medium in front of the cutout, or the hoops alone. Many styles available, including but not limited to Classic, Grace, Posh, and Gypsy.

Earring Measurements (for Classic, Grace, Gypsy, Fierce, Bombshell, Uptown, Crush, Bewitched, Boho, Woodland):

1. top layer: 1.5"

2. middle layer: 1.875"

3. bottom layer: 2.25"


Earring Measurements (for Posh):

1. top layer: 1.25"

2. middle layer: 1.5"

3. bottom layer: 1.75"


Earring Measurements (for Sassy):

1. top layer: 1.7"

2. middle layer: 2.1"

3. bottom layer: 2.5" (the same as our "Day Time" Sassy)


*Sassy has fringe (not shown on option picture) and is 8-in-1 due to large piece not being a cutout